Moving into a new home or property is not easy. It’s normal to be wary of the new area you are moving to whether it’s a home or commercial building. So taking certain move in security checks as a precaution after you move in into the new building should be necessary.

Door Inspection

The most common way that intruders tend to gain access to houses or properties is through the door. All the security systems for your home or business are useless if your doors are not properly secured. All doors and door frames need to be in proper condition without any wood rot or big spaces. The strike plate needs to be fastened tightly because it will put you at risk. The door hinge, which is what attaches the door to the frame also needs to be strongly attached to both the door and the frame by using the right size of screws.

Window Inspection

Windows are are usually used by intruders because they are on the side of the house or property where no passer bys can see them as they break into the property. All the window locks need to be in good working conditions especially if they are on the ground floor. Window locks will not only prevent burglars from entering your property but it will also deter them because most will be discouraged from burglarising into your home or business once they see the lock.

Alarm Inspection

If you have the privilege of having an alarm system in your new place, get a professional to inspect it and change the security codes. Having an alarm inspection will have you not only feeling secure but it also deters burglars once they are aware that you have working alarm system.

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